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Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
... this hibrido won't give me my money! don't break it. let me see. it says your account got no money. i know what it says, ladron! i've been robbed! rick's shutting down the computers in five minutes. why? what's going on? all i know is those guys have badges. they want to check the main computer. woman: ...can't believe you'd do that! ( man on speaker ): watch your back, bitch, or next time i'll have your head on a stick. corinne, you all right? oh, mr. dalton... yes, i'm fine. you should've gone home hours ago. i'm sorry, i got caught up in something. i'll see you tomorrow. yes, $100,000. i'm not sure how it got into our account. yes. you don't have any information? the tickets were sent to me. but i didn't make the reservations. that's my brother. he made them? i will call you back. we have to talk. i don't care what they told you. i didn't do anything to their computers. i believe you, but it's not up to me. i need another job. temp work's a little slow right now. call me in a week or two. ( sighs ) yeah, who is it? right time temps. i got a package here for a, uh, corinne kennedy? come on up
Jan 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
. at homes and bars, crowds of the faithful grown as the packers took an early lead and major come back. don is in san francisco where he watched the game with the fans. >> reporter: those folks are all gone now. but here at irelands they are still celebrating. and celebrating that 49er win. and here's what it looked like a little while ago. >> they were groaning, not cheering as green bay scores first. the 49er fans here at irelands are not faint at heart. >> it's been incredible. being here in the middle has been exhilarating. >> got off to a bad start. >> yes yes. but it's very early. a lot of time left. >> we came up from so cal to watch the game. >> you can watch it down there. >> no, we have to be in san francisco. definitely. >> even if it's on tv. >> absolutely. got to be in the crowd. >> you are in the crowd now. how does it feel ? >> it feels great. this is perfect. couldn't be better. >> first play of the 4th quarter. frank gore two yard run as another 49er touchdown. left no doubt about where the game was heading. >> bad defense. right mimic right place . best defense in the leag
Jan 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
rules for a friendship, even battleship. but those rules don't work without what? trust, sir. trust, sir. that's right. shawn! over here, now. why aren't there any of your ships on the board? i knew it! cheating. you're grounded. but dad! and... for the next two months, you are going to play with one less piece. but that's not fair! exactly, shawn. now you know what it feels like. shawn, i can't just give you a case because gus is out of town this weekend and you're lonely. fine. maybe together we can figure out how i can be less lonely. wait, i'm getting something. baby oil. this is a photo from about a year ago. thank you. and this is from last week. thank you. we'll call you if we turn anything up on her, mr. sirtis. i appreciate your help, chief. our pleasure. i'm telling you. i can make the time, chief. your plate is full, detective. i already pulled the old file. if any of your other cases suffer, then i will yank you right off of this case-- spencer, what the hell are you doing? i'm trying something. i feel conventional vision is weakening my skills. is that my scarf? i... i'm get
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3